$330 Billion
California's Unsustainable Debt.
It's Our Debt, Your Future. Protect Your Right to Vote on Debt.

Sacramento politicians are gaming the system to spend billions without voter approval.

They have plans to use a loophole in state law to issue massive new debt to pay for multi-billion dollar projects – without giving Californians the right to vote even though we’ll be the ones paying for it.

Proposition 53 closes the loophole. It forces politicians to be held accountable and get voter approval before issuing new revenue bond debt for projects over $2 billion.

This measure is simple. It would allow voters a say on the state’s biggest, most expensive projects that impact all of us.
Mary N. Piepho and Karen Mitchoff, Contra Costa County SupervisorsContra Costa Times, 11/20/15


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: It's Unanimous: Four out of Four Fact Checks Call No on Prop 53 Ads Misleading

Experts rate TV ads “iffy” and agree they overstate impacts

SACRAMENTO, CA – In the last month, a growing list of media outlets conducted independent fact checks on the No on Proposition 53 television ads. The fact checks rated the television ads “i…

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Why it’s dangerous to ignore alarms from Stockton

Nov. 2, 2016 / News / Joe Mathews / Zocalo Public Square

“One lesson of this California election should already be clear: Don’t dismiss apocalyptic warnings from Stockton.

If you have a television, you’re seeing a barrage of ill-advised Stockto…

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Jerry Brown overstates initiative’s impact in anti-Proposition 53 ad

Nov. 1, 2016 / News / Alexei Koseff / Sacramento Bee

“Like other opponents, Brown overstates the expected impact of Prop. 53. Though the effects he describes are real, they are far from the certainty that he suggests.

Prop. 53 is unlikely to in…

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Reality check: Prop. 53 ad exaggerates disaster relief risk

Nov. 1, 2016 / News / Paul Rogers / Bay Area News Group

“IS IT TRUE? The ad is misleading. After natural disasters such as earthquakes, federal agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Highway Administration — not stat…

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