September 19, 2016

Proposition 53 is a ballot measure Gov. Brown hates, but it’s one voters should love

Sept. 19, 2016 / News / George Skelton / The Los Angeles Times

“The voters? They might want to give the ballot measure a serious look. That’s because it would give them more power…

“Voters and water ratepayers and bridge …

September 1, 2016

Vote yes on Proposition 53

Aug. 31, 2016 / News / Andrea Seastrand, President, Central Coast Taxpayers Association, San Luis Obispo Tribune

“Please join me in voting for Proposition 53 in November. This initiative is the first step in tackling our debt, holding politicians accountable, …

August 16, 2016

Proposition 53 deserves a yes vote

Aug. 16, 2016 / News / Contra Costa County Supervisors Mary N. Piepho and Karen Mitchoff, East Bay Times

“California voters should support Proposition 53 in November. It’s the only ballot initiative that will directly empower Californians by giving them …

August 16, 2016

No Blank Checks for Jerry Brown’s Pet Projects

Aug. 16, 2016 / News / Jack Humphreville, CityWatch LA

“This measure, another well-conceived effort to increase transparency into how the State spends our money, deserves our support, a YES vote, much like Proposition 54, the California Transparency Act that …

July 17, 2016

CHRIS MANN: Closing the billion-dollar revenue bond loophole

Jul. 16, 2016 / News / Chris Mann, Founder, Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, Los Angeles Daily News

“As the founder of the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, I am a proponent of giving taxpayers a voice on how their money is …

April 20, 2016

Billions in new bonds should not escape voter approval: Jon Coupal

Apr. 20, 2016 / News / Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Los Angeles Daily News

“Voter approval requirements for new debt date back to the earliest days of California’s history. And what was true 100 years ago is …