Press Releases

November 3, 2016

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: It’s Unanimous: Four out of Four Fact Checks Call No on Prop 53 Ads Misleading

Experts rate TV ads “iffy” and agree they overstate impacts

SACRAMENTO, CA – In the last month, a growing list of media outlets conducted independent fact checks on the No on Proposition 53 television ads. The fact checks rated the …

November 3, 2016

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Joe Mathews: Why it’s dangerous to ignore alarms from Stockton

SACRAMENTO, CA – Joe Mathews, syndicated columnist and California politics expert, wrote an opinion piece on Proposition 53 and the measure’s proponent, Dean Cortopassi. Mathews reminded readers not to forget Stockton’s recent bankruptcy and the impacts massive debt can have …

November 2, 2016

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Governor Brown Overstates Facts in Anti-Prop 53 Television Ad

Sacramento Bee rates ad “iffy,” says measure unlikely to interfere with local control 

SACRAMENTO, CA – Yesterday, the Sacramento Bee’s PoliGRAPH political fact checker rated the new No on Proposition 53 television ad starring Governor Brown “iffy.”

This is the …

October 27, 2016

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Chris Telfer: ‘Yes’ on Prop. 53 for transparency on big state projects

SACRAMENTO, CA – Yesterday, the Fresno Bee published an opinion piece by Chris Telfer, president of the Tulare County Taxpayers Association, advocating for Proposition 53.  The Tulare County Taxpayers Association joins over 20 state and local taxpayer groups, including the …

October 25, 2016

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The Daily Republic Editorial Board Endorses Prop. 53

Adds to over a dozen editorial boards from around California that urge support for Prop. 53

SACRAMENTO, CA – Last week, the Daily Republic editorial board released their endorsements for California’s statewide propositions, advocating for a “yes” vote on Proposition …

October 24, 2016

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Maury Hannigan: Proposition 53 will bring transparency to megaprojects

SACRAMENTO, CA – Last week, the Orange County Register published an opinion piece by Maury Hannigan, retired California Highway Patrol Commissioner, advocating for Proposition 53 to create well-planned and efficient state megaprojects. Maury signed one of the ballot arguments supporting …