IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Jon Fleischman, Politics Editor at Breitbart California & Publisher of FlashReport, Endorses Proposition 53

SACRAMENTO, CA – Yesterday, Jon Fleischman, politics editor at Breitbart California and publisher and founder of FlashReport, announced his support of Proposition 53 to bring transparency to California’s megaprojects and stop blank checks. The initiative, by proponent Dean Cortopassi, would simply require a public vote for state megaprojects that use more than $2 billion in state revenue bonds. It would also ensure the disclosure of the total cost of a project before the vote.

Read excerpts from Jon Fleischman’s column, “Four California Ballot Measures Worthy of a ‘Yes’ Vote,” below:

“Prop. 53 – The No Blank Checks Initiative. This measure would require that when state policymakers want to issue revenue bonds for a project that exceeds $2 billion, they must first have that approved by a vote of the people. This is a brilliant idea because, frankly, there is no adult supervision in the State Capitol. Special interests own the place, and since they make big bucks from state spending, it stands to reason they love to see any new revenues. This measure ensures a reasonable case for this epic amount of borrowing must be made to We, the People.”

Read the column in its entirety on Breitbart California’s website here:

Proposition 53 would require statewide voter approval for state revenue bond projects costing more than $2 billion, closing a loophole that allows politicians to issue massive new debt for multi-billion dollar projects without voter approval. For more information, visit:


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