IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Maury Hannigan: Proposition 53 will bring transparency to megaprojects

SACRAMENTO, CA – Last week, the Orange County Register published an opinion piece by Maury Hannigan, retired California Highway Patrol Commissioner, advocating for Proposition 53 to create well-planned and efficient state megaprojects. Maury signed one of the ballot arguments supporting Proposition 53 in the voter information guide.

Proposition 53 would simply require a public vote for state megaprojects that use more than $2 billion in state revenue bonds.  It would also increase transparency by ensuring the disclosure of the total cost of a project before the vote.

Read excerpts from Maury Hannigan’s opinion piece, “Proposition 53 will bring transparency to megaprojects,” below:

“Currently, Californians have the right to vote on state general obligation bonds, but not state revenue bonds. So, politicians and unelected bureaucrats are increasingly using revenue bonds to go around the voters to pay for huge projects. Simply put, Proposition 53 would put the breaks on politicians’ unlimited ability to spend our money without a vote…

As someone who has spent over 30 years working in a career dedicated to the well-being of our citizens, I find it concerning that California has put its megaprojects in hands of state bureaucrats with no voter scrutiny and little oversight. These huge projects should be carefully vetted, reviewed and voted on. These are the reasons I signed a ballot argument in support of Proposition 53.”

Read the opinion piece on the Orange County Register’s website here:

Proposition 53 would require statewide voter approval for state revenue bond projects costing more than $2 billion, closing a loophole that allows politicians to issue massive new debt for multi-billion dollar projects without voter approval. For more information, visit:


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