IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Ron Pasquinelli: Yes on Prop. 53, to give voters a voice

SACRAMENTO, CA – This weekend, the Monterey Herald and the Santa Cruz Sentinel, published an opinion piece from Ron Pasquinelli, President of the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association, advocating for voters to support Proposition 53 on November 8th. The Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association joins over 20 taxpayer organizations across the state that support Proposition 53.

The initiative, by proponent Dean Cortopassi, would simply require a public vote for state megaprojects that use more than $2 billion in state revenue bonds. It would also ensure the disclosure of the total cost of a project before the vote and stop blank checks.

Read excerpts from the opinion piece, “Yes on Prop. 53, to give voters a voice,” below:

“Most people don’t know that politicians and state bureaucrats have the power to issue revenue bonds without public approval. There is absolutely no vote required by the Legislature or the people to issue billions in state revenue bonds, granting the politicians and bureaucrats the power to issue unlimited blank checks at our expense…

“The Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association is proud to join the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and 20 other state and local taxpayer groups that are rallying behind Proposition 53. We all believe that if voters have to pay, then they deserve to have a say.

“Proposition 53 gives the power back to the people and puts us in charge of the state’s financial future.”

Read the opinion piece in its entirety on the Monterey Herald’s website here and the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s website here.

Proposition 53 would require statewide voter approval for state revenue bond projects costing more than $2 billion, closing a loophole that allows politicians to issue massive new debt for multi-billion dollar projects without voter approval. For more information, visit:


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