IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The Santa Clarita Valley Signal says vote “Yes” on 53

SACRAMENTO, CA – Yesterday, the Santa Clarita Valley Signal editorial board released their endorsements for California’s statewide propositions, urging a “yes” vote on Proposition 53. The editorial board supports Proposition 53 to give voters a say before they have to pay higher rates and fees.

Proposition 53 would give voters more power by requiring a public vote for state megaprojects that use more than $2 billion in state revenue bonds.  It would also ensure the disclosure of the total cost of a project before the vote.

Read excerpts from the Santa Clarita Valley Signal editorial, “Our View: A skeptical look at ballot measures,” below:

“Dubbed the “No Blank Checks Initiative,” Proposition 53 would deliver to voters a say in all state revenue bonds of more than $2 billion issued either singly or in the aggregate.

Currently, voters have a say in funding high-ticket state bond projects only if they are repaid out of the state’s general revenues, but not if they can be paid off with other state revenue streams like taxes, fees, rates, tolls or rents.

Opponents say approving this measure would relinquish local control. But what control is there now if legislators can commit residents to payments without their knowledge or approval?

Vote yes on Prop 53.”

Read the Santa Clarita Valley Signal’s editorial on their website here:

Proposition 53 would require statewide voter approval for state revenue bond projects costing more than $2 billion, closing a loophole that allows politicians to issue massive new debt for multi-billion dollar projects without voter approval. For more information, visit:


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