Why it’s dangerous to ignore alarms from Stockton

Nov. 2, 2016 / News / Joe Mathews / Zocalo Public Square

“One lesson of this California election should already be clear: Don’t dismiss apocalyptic warnings from Stockton.

If you have a television, you’re seeing a barrage of ill-advised Stockton dismissals. Gov. Jerry Brown, labor unions and Sacramento infrastructure lobbies are trying to defeat Proposition 53 – which would require voter approval for state revenue bonds of $2 billion or more – by marginalizing it as the flawed idea of a rich, selfish Stockton farmer.

This messaging turns out to be doubly wrong, as I learned on a recent visit. For one thing, “Stockton farmer” badly underestimates Dino Cortopassi, a formidable businessman with a taste for difficult fights. For another, the political message trivializes the real trauma in the city of 300,000 in the aftermath of its municipal bankruptcy.”

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