Yes on Prop. 53 for voter review of big state projects: Endorsement

Oct. 13, 2016 / News / The Editorial Board / Southern California News Group

“This editorial board likes the idea of letting voters have a say about huge state projects…

It could come for pass, for example, that cap-and-trade funding for Gov. Brown’s bullet train project continues to dry up, and state officials might decide that issuing revenue bonds would be a good idea, with planned payoff of the bonds from future riders’ fares. If Prop. 53 were a law, that revenue bond would have to go to voters — who might reasonably suspect that future fares won’t be sufficient and might turn down the idea.

That doesn’t mean that no project could get built with revenue bonds. It simply means the case made for the project’s importance would have to be good enough that more people would vote for it than against it.

Vote yes on Proposition 53.”

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